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A Merlin/Gwaine fanmix about the distance between them, with a canon compliant happy ending and an accompanying video ♥

20 songs @ 112.41MB, 0:55 seconds @ 9.67MB.

Part I

(doing all i can do just to be close to you)
Part II

(the distance from here to where you'd be)


Say oh, got this feeling that you can't fight
Like this city is on fire tonight
This could really be a good life, a good, good life
To my friends in New York, I say hello
My friends in L.A. they don't know
Where I've been for the past few years or so
Paris to China to Colorado
These miles have torn us worlds apart
And I miss you, yeah, I miss you
So far away from where you are
And standing underneath the stars
And I wish you were here

A Fine Frenzy

The pieces of gold, they light up your eyes
And now we're alone and now we're alive
Watching the sky, you're watching a painting
Coming to life shifting and shaping
Staying inside, it all goes, all goes, all goes, all goes by

I'm miles from where you are
I lay down on the cold ground
I pray that something picks me up
And sets me down in your warm arms
After I have travelled so far
We'd set the fire to the third bar
We'd share each other like an island
Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright

My Favorite Highway

You never had, you never had a fighting chance, so watch your back
Somehow we always manage to remember that
Under attack, if you lose a friend, you pick up the slack
Whoever said that distance brings you closer, they must not have known
That when you're out of sight you're out of mind and all alone
And when you're on your own, you hate to think that you should've known

Got this feeling, I should deal with this
But I'm hiding, no one knows
They don't
What if I don't want to be the lonely one?
The truth I know is this
I don't want to miss you more
Than I already do
Moses Mayfield

The Temper Trap

So stay there
Because I'll be coming over
And while our blood's still young
It's so young
It runs
And we won't stop until it's over
Won't stop to surrender

All these things remind me of you
I rise away, don't feel no pain
'Cause you're with me now
In time it seems a slower song
It's a perfect sound
Sleep right through the day and we fade away
You flow right through my veins
Like a morning rain
Ryan Cabrera


Tear me down they can't take you out of my thoughts
Under every scar there’s a battle I’ve lost
Will they stop when they see us again?
I can’t stop now I know who I am
Now I’m all yours, I’m not afraid
And you're all mine, say what they may

I will grow my own trees
While you follow the moon
I feel you in my knees
Say you'll come in soon
But then one day, you'll go away, but I will, too
But until then, my darling friend, well, I will hold
Yes, I will hold, yes, I will hold,
Yes, I will hold on to you
Ingrid Michaelson

Cherry Poppin' Daddies

In the summer we saved each other's lives
By hanging out together
I've been high, but mostly low
A lifelong lodger on a dead end road
But I like mine to shine like gold
The darkest hour turns brighter than a rose

I'm running out of ways to make you see
I want you to stay here beside me
I won't be okay and I won't pretend I am
So just tell me today and take my hand
Please take my hand
Snow Patrol

Ellie Goulding

Waste days in foreign places
Shed lights on your better side
Reassure me that you'll wait for me
Wait for me as long as it takes
And I'll hold my breath, I'll hold my breath

This is where I build my home
I need someone to hold
I need someone to hold
On my own
My home
This will always be my home
This will always be my home
Ellie Goulding

Scouting For Girls

Every time that we meet I skip a heartbeat
Give me an evening, or give me a night
I'll show you the time of your life
I'll walk you home safe from the dark
I'll give you my jacket, I'll give you my heart

Because you're moving out of sight
Down a side street in your life
But oh, I know where you belong
And oh, I feel it now you're gone
Oh, I know that I was wrong
I feel it when you're gone, when the closing lights come on
The Devlins


Hide out 'till tomorrow
I crawl into your shadow
I don't mind, I don't mind
This wasted, shaded daylight
In the way your hand hits the wave
In between the dreamer and the breath
Long beside the bitter of the skin
Today won't know when to begin

I'll meet you half-way
If you're coming the long way
Don't care what the people say
Of the prodigal runaway
Cause hey hey, they don't know you like I do
I'd wait, for the whole world to show you
Maybe we're not, not that gone
Mat Kearney

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The cinders, the cinders
They light the path
And these strange steps
Take us back, take us back
Flow sweetly, hang heavy
You suddenly complete me
You suddenly complete me

Seems like I've been standing here forever
I'm gettin' tired of hesitating, so if you're out there somewhere, waiting
I'm shooting up a flare across the sky, lighting up the night
The signal's out, I'm ready now, come find me
Like a diamond shining in the sand
Hold me in your hands, I'm calling out
I'm ready now, come find me, come find me
Marié Digby

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Music:: florence + the machine - hardest of hearts
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posted by [identity profile] realproof.livejournal.com at 03:07am on 20/02/2011
oh that vidlet is lovely!

and the mix looks lovely *grabs*
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 03:18am on 20/02/2011
Thank you for the wonderful comment!

Hope you enjoy ♥
posted by [identity profile] mulder200.livejournal.com at 03:13am on 20/02/2011
This is awesome!
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 03:18am on 20/02/2011
posted by [identity profile] waltzing-mice.livejournal.com at 03:41am on 20/02/2011

Downloading now ....
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 03:42am on 20/02/2011
Enjoy :D
posted by [identity profile] hyungniiim.livejournal.com at 03:48am on 20/02/2011
Lovely selection, I adore the lyrics :) The video is really sweet too. Downloading!! Thanks for making and sharing this! ♥
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 03:51am on 20/02/2011
Thanks! I'm glad you think it looks good, and I hope you enjoy it. ♥
posted by [identity profile] openmoments.livejournal.com at 05:32am on 20/02/2011
Definitely snagging. This looks absolutely beautiful. ♥
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 05:51am on 20/02/2011
Thank you so much! Enjoy ♥
posted by [identity profile] kalypartemis.livejournal.com at 06:09am on 20/02/2011

This is really all kinds of lovely and nice. And I was just thinking the other day about how it would be nice to see a merlin/gwaine fst. Thank you for making and sharing this! Definitely downloading.
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 06:26am on 20/02/2011
Thanks ♥ Yeah, there is a sad lack of Merlin/Gwaine mixes, so I figured I'd do my part. Hope you like it!
posted by [identity profile] dentelle-noir.livejournal.com at 06:37am on 20/02/2011
I downloaded, listened, and then almost immediately made a copy of the disk and put it into my CD player! Thank you! What a lovely mix! I adore it!!
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 06:38am on 20/02/2011
Thank you! I'm so glad you like it :D
Edited Date: 2011-02-20 06:38 am (UTC)
posted by [identity profile] dentelle-noir.livejournal.com at 06:40am on 20/02/2011
OH! And I adored the album art too! I copied it to make sure I had it! (will credit)!
posted by [identity profile] nitro26.livejournal.com at 01:22pm on 20/02/2011
This looks awesome! Downloading - thank you! :)
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 09:55pm on 20/02/2011
Thanks, hope you enjoy!
posted by [identity profile] capricornucopia.livejournal.com at 04:16pm on 20/02/2011
Thanks! This looks great. :)
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 09:55pm on 20/02/2011
:D Thank you!
posted by [identity profile] idao.livejournal.com at 04:48pm on 20/02/2011
This is lovely, downloading several, thank you! :)
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 09:56pm on 20/02/2011
Thank you ♥ Enjoy!
posted by [identity profile] yukata-mizu.livejournal.com at 05:30pm on 20/02/2011
Oh, wow. This looks incredible, love the mix and love the pair. Am snagging this, thanks!
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 09:57pm on 20/02/2011
Thanks for the lovely comment, hope you enjoy c:
posted by [identity profile] rainaria.livejournal.com at 02:25pm on 21/02/2011
this seems interesting. ♥
i think you might have made me a gwain/merlin shipper.
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 12:50am on 22/02/2011
I hope so! It's a good ship. Come sail it with us :DDD
posted by [identity profile] smilebackwards.livejournal.com at 03:52pm on 21/02/2011
This mix is amazing and pretty much the only thing getting me through a horrendous take-home essay exam, so thanks! :) And the vid is lovely. ♥
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 12:51am on 22/02/2011
I'm happy to help. I certainly know what that's like. Glad you're enjoying it! ♥
charlies_dragon: (MerlinBBC - Merlin/Gwaine - heroes)
posted by [personal profile] charlies_dragon at 12:24am on 22/02/2011
Wheeeeeeeeeee!!! The vid is adorable and makes me want to...write or make graphics for them or something - it's pretty inspirational ;)

Also, FANMIX FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally snagging and adding to my iPod when I can find my cable *g*

Thanks so much for both of them - they, and you, are awesome :D
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 12:52am on 22/02/2011
Oh, yay, please do! I would be so happy if my work helped to expand this corner of the fandom. There's never enough of them.

Thanks for the wonderful comment! :D ♥
posted by [identity profile] windandseas.livejournal.com at 01:59am on 23/02/2011
Absolutely gorgeous mix and video ♥ I have almost all the songs you have here, and now I think of these songs as Merlin/Gwain songs now :)
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 02:25am on 23/02/2011
:DD Hee, thank you!
posted by [identity profile] waterbath.livejournal.com at 05:33am on 23/02/2011
your fanmix left me breathless :) this is really such an amazing one. And awwwesome ship too! :D :D Snagging this, and thank you so much for sharing! :) and that's a real sweet video to go along with this! Lovin' this.
posted by [identity profile] xiongky.livejournal.com at 05:36am on 23/02/2011
Thanks, I'm glad you like it ♥
posted by [identity profile] srin.livejournal.com at 11:31pm on 05/03/2011
This is wonderful! Grabbing the mix, thank you!