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Music Meme! I really love this meme ♥
I'll probably do it again.
→ Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
→ Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over.
→ Do five of these, then post them.

1. Kate Nash, "Nicest Thing" (Cassie, Sid/Michelle; 4:05)

Sid is sitting next to Cassie, but he's really over near Michelle. It's a strong illusion, anyone looking would think they were together, instead of Cassie sitting alone. Just like the illusion she creates of eating.

She feels high, but not from any kind of pills. The hunger had come and gone and the lightness in her stomach allowed her to float up and observe. There's a light shining in Sid's eyes that tell her what he's doing with Michelle, sweet and simple and wonderful.

look up. look up. It's really lonely up there.


2. Fireflight, "Forever" (Shawn/Lassiter; 3:42)

The basement is dark and cold and Shawn is pretty sure his leg and a few of his ribs are broken when he comes to. He's not sure how long he'd been out, but his head still swims with exhaustion. He tries to focus on what had woken him up. The noise comes again. It's distant but he can just make out the voice, panicky and desperate in a way he's never heard it before. Lassie. There's the rumbling of footsteps above him and the door cracks open, light flooding into the room and blinding Shawn momentarily. Gentle arms come around him and the familiar warmth draws a smile to his face.

3. Rilo Kiley, "Science vs. Romance" (Penny/Sheldon; 5:41)

Penny and Leonard don't last long. They never do. Of course, they're happy for a while, until something small and petty comes up and they can't find enough of a reason to stay together.

It takes Penny five years, almost to the day, since they met to really notice Sheldon. In the entire time they've known each other, the only times Sheldon had ever been vulnerable had been when he was phlegm-y or only near her because he was locked out of his apartment. Of course, in that time he'd never had a real relationship either.

Then that changed; he got a girlfriend (surprisingly cute but possibly certifiable) and became a person for the first time in Penny's eyes. Then they broke up and the boys were relentless with teasing him.

There were three quiet knocks on her door. When Sheldon met her on the other side, she considered the possibility of alternate realities for the first time. When they got together, Sheldon spent hours trying to quantify love.

4. Blue Rodeo, "Trust Yourself" (Henry, Shawn; 3:48)

One thing Henry had always known about Shawn was that he hated consequences. It was the reason he moved around so much. He'd been running. Everywhere he went he left something behind him in a disaster that he couldn't face up to.

That wasn't something Henry ever thought could change. He always just thought that Shawn would eventually leave the psychic detective thing behind him, just like everything else. He figured this would be the same disaster Shawn had been running from his entire life. The only thing that surprised Henry about it was that it had taken this long for the consequences to catch up to him. But they caught up eventually.

And Shawn stood and faced them.

5. David Cook, "Breath Tonight" (Sam, Dean; 3:03)

Dean feels his world crumble around him as Sam's eyes turn to him, pleading for forgiveness. He's sees the little boy he raised almost single handedly, but beyond that he sees the shadows of darkness, the man who just freed Lucifer. Sam's hand curls into Dean's coat and Dean feels the rough, dirty texture of Sam's beneath his own fingers before he registers that his hand has even moved. It's too much, then the light overtakes them.
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